Create BPay account

All BPay account holders have access to

  • IBAN for making payments in Moldova and Transfer from accounts in the EU, EUR
  • a wide network of BPay account replenishment through payment terminals
  • paying for goods and services, repaying loans through a website or mobile application
  • sending and receiving money transfers worldwide
  • the ability to request and receive loans online
  • BPay ATM and CASHOUT-terminals network for cash withdrawal
BNM license number: A MMI 000472

Take your BPay wallet anywhere

Make electronic payments by phone using the mobile app

Money transfers 24/7

To receive or send money transfers IntelExpress / Ria / MoneyGram / Transfer to accounts in the EU, EUR / UPT, you do not need to stand in queues at the bank or at the post office, this can be done 24/7 thanks to the BPay system.

You can withdraw cash at ATMs or CASH OUT terminals BPay, pay for various services or transfer to a friend.

Instant Transfer without Commissions in the bpay Application

The MIA system is developed by the National Bank of Moldova. MIA is an innovative system that allows for instant payments using only the phone number. All payment service providers, including banks in the Republic of Moldova, are connected to the MIA system.

The new technology allows for instant payment processing, so the money reaches the recipient immediately.
For transfers, only the recipient`s phone number is needed
Transfers with MIA are free. You transfer and receive exactly as much as you want!

What is "QR Code Payment" ?

Using the BPay e-wallet, you can pay for orders on the websites of our partners and pay bills in restaurants and partner stores using the mobile application.

For the convenience of customers, a new section «Locations that support BPay?» has been added on the company`s website at the «BPAY MAP» page. to find out where you can pay using your BPay wallet