Create BPay account

All BPay account holders have access to

  • IBAN for making payments in Moldova and Transfer from accounts in the EU, EUR
  • a wide network of BPay account replenishment through payment terminals
  • paying for goods and services, repaying loans through a website or mobile application
  • sending and receiving money transfers worldwide
  • the ability to request and receive loans online
  • BPay ATM and CASHOUT-terminals network for cash withdrawal
BNM license number: A MMI 000472

Take your BPay wallet anywhere

Make electronic payments by phone using the mobile app

Money transfers 24/7

To receive or send money transfers Contact / IntelExpress / Ria / Transfer to accounts in the EU, EUR / Unistream / Welsend, you do not need to stand in queues at the bank or at the post office, this can be done 24/7 thanks to the BPay system.

You can withdraw cash at ATMs or CASH OUT terminals BPay, pay for various services or transfer to a friend.

What type of BPay account is right for you?

Wallet Mic - this type has a number of restrictions, according to the legislation in force of the Republic of Moldova. All users who are registered in the BPay system receive a simplified account.

Wallet cel Mare - account type assigned to the user after passing the identification.You can get «Wallet cel Mare» remotely: using a digital/mobile signature MSign or via Viber/Skype videoconference.

What is "QR Code Payment" ?

Using the BPay e-wallet, you can pay for orders on the websites of our partners and pay bills in restaurants and partner stores using the mobile application.

For the convenience of customers, a new section «Locations that support BPay?» has been added on the company`s website at the «BPAY MAP» page. to find out where you can pay using your BPay wallet