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Frequently asked questions about the BPAY website

What is identification for?

Identification is needed so that the user can use his BPay account without any restrictions. Identification can be done on the basis of one of the identity documents: a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Moldova or an international passport.

How to make a transfer to a Moldovan bank card?

In order to make a transfer to a Moldovan bank card, the user needs to have an identified BPay account. To make a transfer, go to your personal account, then to the"Deposit/Withdraw/Exchange"section, then select "Transfer to MD bank account" The transfer is carried out on the basis of your IBAN, which can be obtained from your bank.

How to send a request for account identification?

In order to send an application for account identification, you need to go to your personal account, then click on the "Remove restrictions"button. After that, you will be offered all methods of identification.

How can I change my password if I forgot the old one?

If you have forgotten your password and cannot log in, you can change it using your e-mail linked to this account. The mail you specified must be confirmed in order to receive letters from our payment system.

Where can I withdraw money from my account?

It is possible to withdraw money from the BPay account at any of the BPay ATMs (ATMs), at any of the BPay Cash-Out terminals or at the BPay offices.
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Why can`t persons under the age of 18 be identified?

Full civil legal capacity of an individual arises from the onset of majority, that is, upon reaching the age of eighteen. Accordingly, persons under the age of 18 cannot use payment services and / or the issuance of electronic money. Article 26 para. (1)

Why should e-wallets be identified?

According to the internal regulations of the company and in accordance with the law 308 of 22.12.2017 Art. 5. Clause 4, replenishment of electronic wallets by anonymous persons is prohibited.

I forgot my PIN. How can I restore it?

The PIN-code can be restored in your personal account under the heading "Restore PIN-code."Enter your phone number, enter the new PIN-code that you want to use, after which you will receive a confirmation code of 4 digits to confirm the action.

Why can`t I replenish my account with a bank card?

At the moment, replenishment of your Bpay account with a bank card is not possible. You can top up your BPay wallet from your personal web-banking account. For more information, follow the link:

How to fund an account from abroad?

You need to go to your personal account in the heading "Account replenishment"where you will have access to the entire list of available methods of replenishing your account. You can replenish using electronic wallets or via international bank transfer such as ia. Bank transfer from an EU account, MoneyGram, UPT. If you have a card from England, you can also top up by selecting the item "Bank transfer from England".

Frequently asked questions about MMPS payment terminals

What can I do if I mess up my account number or service?

If the account number was entered incorrectly when paying for the service or the service was selected incorrectly, the payer must approach the central office of to write a request in free form. The copy of the bulletin and the voucher issued following the operation declared in the application shall be attached to the request. The application is examined for 24 working hours.

Paid utility bills partially, why didn`t the money come?

Payment for utilities is made on the basis of the receipt you received, and payment must be made in 100% of the amount, and if you paid less, the service provider does not accept this payment.

Wrong number, where is the money?

If you made a mistake with your phone number or account number, you can help to call the support phone number where they can help you.

How to use the change left from payment?

You can use the change on the terminal to pay for another service or on the website. <a href=" % ba-% d0% b8% d1% 81% d0% bf% d0% be% d0% bb% d1% 8c% d0% b7% d0% be% d0% b2% d0% b0% d1% 82% d1% 8c-% d1% 81% d0% b4% d0% b0% d1% 87% d1% 83-% d0% be% d0% b1% d1% 80% d0% b0% d0% b7% d0% be% d0% b2% d0% b0% d0% b2% d1% 88% d1% 83% d1% 8e/"></a>

Why does the terminal take money and does not give a check?

There are such cases when the check tape has run out in the terminal, and the engineers have not yet arrived to change.

How can I get a copy of the receipt?

You can receive a copy of the receipt in electronic form by calling our support service or print it on another terminal using the transaction code - Payment numbers.

Why do 50 lei bills read like 10 lei?

In some cases, it happens that the bills are not read correctly, since the terminals have not yet been updated for new, recently issued bills. In case of such an error, contact the support service to return the missing amount.

Having paid for the service, I did not receive a receipt with a debt. What should I do?

There are cases when a receipt is paid after it is printed, in which case the service provider does not have data about your payment and there is a debt on the receipt. This problem can be solved very simply by calling the service provider directly to find out if you have debt or not.

What to do if I paid road tax or vignent by mistake?

If you have paid the wrong road tax or vignette for the car, it is possible to cancel this payment only if you have already made the correct payment with the same data. Be sure to contact the support service to notify about it.

The terminal did not read the money, what should I do?

If the terminal did not read the money, it may mean that it was jammed in the bill acceptor, or, by accident, the bill was placed next to the bill acceptor and it fell into the terminal. Contact the support service to resolve your issue.